All that she wanted;
Was to be the one of the cool ones,
She locked herself in the fridge;
Forgotten there for a few decates.

When she finally got out;
She couldn't feel what she suppose to feel,
Neither what she wanted to,
Nor what she is wanted to..

Ripper ice had been covering her heart,
Making it stuck and numb;
Pity, that she seems to have no courege to use it anymore,
What a shame... She used to have a most beautiful one.

Without her heart, she became a witch;
Cold, numb, rude, distance..
If i hadn't known her;
I would have said, who the heck is that witch.

She is not like it seems,
Not a witch or a coldhearted villain,
I hope she'll remember herself and melt the ice covering her,
Hope she can be happy as what she really is.

If it ever happens;
I'm not sure, things go back to normal,
Not sure, we will be the same after all,
Not sure, i want to be same,
All the time, all the suffer,
Made me scared, but more connected,
But damn!! I want it so bad,
Shame.. I've done enough, can't act more.
But it is not gonna end like this;
Gonna be hate or love again..

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Kutay dedi ki...

Komik lan :D keşke herkes olayları bilseydide burdaki gönderme ve esprileri anlasaydı, gerçi ben unuttum çoğunu =)